About Ned's

L.A., 2021 George Flyod riots.  Ned, elderly, watches as flames ignited by rioters, violently engulf his Melrose store, his life’s work. In the 1980’s Ned was brutally attacked by racists. He escaped death. Left with no choice, he had to smuggle his family with 3 young children out of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They became first generation refugee immigrants in America. After nearly 40 years of struggle and building, his world was shattered again by hate. There was despair, there is loss, but the next chapter is one erected by love. With Ned’s resilience, help of community and family, Ned’s new store, appropriately named “NED’S” is slowly raising like a phoenix from literal ashes. Ned’s is an inclusive artwear store and gallery. It features limited pieces that use streetwear clothing as the canvas for original art.